Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park 11/23

Date: Monday November 23, 2020

Time: 06:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park


Cowboy Mouth


Don’t overthink it. Just come on out for a Monday-morning shredder. and bring some 5- or 10-pound dumbbells.

– Cutter



Don’t Overthink It – Just Shred.

Fresh off Saturday’s Q School, YHC was eager to test the limits of choreographing a beatdown. Armed with a speaker and classic punk playlist, 10 strong PAX suffered through a beatdown that got sloppy at times.

Conditions: Mid 30’s, quite nice.

PAX: Flay, Baywatch, Miles, Copa, Cowboy Mouth, Dunphy, hOjOh, FVI, Tron, Cutter (QIC).

Warm-Up: Quick lap before grabbing weights and heading for center field.

The Thang: “Don’t Overthink It – Just Shred” punk-playlist-choreographed beatdown

A Salty Salute – Guided By Voices | SSH IC (4-count)

Where Eagles Dare – Mistfits | Burpees AMRAP

Kick Out Jams – MC5 | Mountain Climbers IC (4-count)

Holiday in Cambodia – Dead Kennedys | Skaters IC (L – R)

Time for Livin’ – Beastie Boys | Squats IC (Down – 1)

We’re Only Gonna Die – Bad Religion | Curls IC (Up – 1)

Waiting Room – Fugazi | Merkin Sets X5

Carolina Dry Docks IC (4-count, X8)

Wide Arms IC (4-count, X8)

Regular IC (4-count, X8)

Tempo IC (4-count, X8)

Regular IC (4-count, X8)

Subliminal Fascism – Fishbone | Rowers IC (Row – 1)

Blackouts on Thursday – Les Savy Fav | Overhead Press IC (Up-1)

Things Done Changed – Notorious BIG  | Alternating Punches IC (Left – Right) with No Surrenders

Last Caress – Metallica | SSH IC (4-count)

Green Hell – Metallica | Squats IC (Down – 1)

Pay to Cum – Bad Brains | Burpees AMRAP

Deny Everything – Circle Jerks | X-Country Skiers IC (L – R)

We’re Coming Out – Replacements | Alternating Arms Out Front (L – R) with Hammer Curls IC (Up – 1)

Anarchy in the U.K. – Sex Pistols | Alternating SSH IC (4-Count) with Squats IC (Down – 1)

Warmth of Your Breath – Fishbone | 6 MoM

Flutter Kicks IC (1-2-3-1)

Box Cutters IC (1-2-3-1)

Toe Taps OYO

LBCs IC (Up – 1)

Toe Taps OYO

LBCs IC (Up – 1)

Attitude – Misfits | Big Boys AMRAP

CoT: Gratitude for putting up with my sloppiness. Reminder to not overthink it as we bear down this winter. Sometimes the best thing is to just push on through.



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