Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park 10/10

Date: Saturday October 10, 2020

Time: 07:00

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park


Lead Pipe


Left it sitting as long as I could. Do not currently have a plan and perhaps YHC will be the only one there. Are you going to leave YHC hanging alone?


It’s 7:30 pm the night before a Saturday beat down, you’re tired from the awesome run club you attended Friday morning, you’re mentally prepping for the Marathon ruck you are going to attempt on Sunday and the Q sheet sits empty…what do you do?

Conditions: Near perfect

The Thang: Circle up for Warm Up…

25 SSH IC (with an unexpected and unknown guest)

20 merkins IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

Main set:

In pairs…

One partner carries coupon the width of the field and performs 5 blockees and returns. Partner 2 works on his own sets of 100 merkins, lunges, big boy sit ups, squats, and heel tap crunches. Key point here is each partner performs 100 reps of each exercise, no combining between partners.

Set 2: Partner 1 jogs across the field and does 5 sphinx merkins, jogs back. Partner 2 does 50 curls and 50 Overhead Press. Flip flop until both partners are finished.

COT: Reflecting on a training YHC was in Friday. The speaker reminded us that when someone else lashes out be it physical, verbal, or emotional, that most often comes from a place of pain. Be the type of person to acknowledge that pain and don’t return the pain to them.

Moleskin: So we were visited by a guest at the start of the workout. A young lady jumped right into the circle and started doing side-straddle hops with us. This kind of caught YHC off guard as it is the first time this has happened in his 6 years with F3. An audible was called on YHC’s part to change the warm up, but also to see how far this young woman would go with us. No need to call her out in front of everyone, just an intention to pull her aside at the end to explain who we are and our purpose if she made it that far. After the warm up, she asked if we were the soccer group, we replied no, and she said oh good, I didn’t know what the F was going on, and promptly left. Good for keeping YHC on his toes but a reminder to us all as we Q workouts to be ready to respond to anything.

Lastly, to answer the question above, if you are YHC you take the Q, you don’t wait any longer for someone else to lead. F3 is after all a leadership organization and we all have our own responsibility to fill the void.