Archives: Wreck Center IronPax Week3 – 9/14 0630

Date: Monday September 14, 2020

Time: 06:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park


Lead Pipe
Cowboy Mouth


9/14 0530 PreBlast : IronPax Challenge Week 3 just announced.

Join me at the OPRF track for a 6:30a showdown. Plan on helluvalotta merkins, squats and running. And do mea favor and hit that HC so I know what kind of numbers to expect.



Rolled up to a locked track. But the fine fellas of the OPRF HS grounds crew were on hand to leet us just in the knick of time. After a quick welcome and explanation, we set to work completing IRONPAX Week 3 Challenge.

Conditions: 72 and Sunny – Though Sun obscured from West Coast fires looked surprisingly similar to a harvest moon.

PAX: Cutter (QIC), Dunphy, Rossi, hOjOh, FVI, Lead Pipe, Chalmers, Cowboy Mouth

IPC Week 3 Challenge | KISS: Reps for Time. Run 400m; 100 merkins; Run 400m; 90 squats; Run 400m; 80 merkins; Run 400m; 70 squats; Run 400m; 60 merkins; Run 400m; 50 squats; Run 400m; 40 merkins; Run 400m; 30 squats; Run 400m; 20 merkins; Run 400m; 10 squats; Run 800m.

35:51 – Cutter

41:07 – Dunphy

42:35 – Rossi

43:24 – hOjOh

49:44 – FVI

52:22 – Lead Pipe

2:00:00 – Cowboy Mouth (Counting Failure)

2:00:00 – Chalmers (Modification)

CoT: Workout stretched long so numbers were small when we finished. Gratitude and congratulations to FVI and Lead Pipe for finishing strong.



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