Archives: The Homer and Noonan (Not S**t) Show

Date: Monday December 30, 2019

Time: 05:30


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Homer and Noonan met in the gloom at the Bean this morning, for the 4th leg, of the Christmas to New Year’s 6 pack.

Warm-up consisted of Don Quixotes, Goofballs, and The Motivator.

After a short mosey over to the ribbon, we ran across it 3 times with Merkins and Squats (15) making up the transitions.

We then headed over to the corner of Columbus and Monroe for 2 sets of pull-ups/dips (10/5).

After a mosey across lakeshore drive, we spent some time at a ledge near Monroe Harbor for 2 sets consisting: Box Jumps, Step-up lunges, Erkins, and Derkins. One thing to point here is that water level on the lake is still very high and Homer was so focused on his Derkins, that a change in wind direction almost resulted in the water creeping up on him.

Mosey over to the stairs at Congress and Lakeshore for a Jacob’s Ladder (8) of Bur-pees and Gorilla Humpers.

Mary started at Buckingham Fountain with Box Cutters, Flutters, and Penguins.

We then moseyed back to the Bean where we concluded with Peter Parkers and Mountain Climber.

Beat down concluded at 7:52 with a COT. 



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