Archives: The Goat Rodeo – Bucktown 11/4

Date: Monday October 26, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: The Goat Rodeo – Bucktown

QIC: mikehoyne



Assuming the city is not burning in the morning following whatever happens on election day, let’s gather at the Goat Rodeo for a mind-clearing beatdown – maybe even in light of day (temporarily with the time change!).

See you there. Goat Rodeo AO, 06:00



LeMond and MaryLou gathered at The Goat Rodeo for a post-election beatdown. Weather was mild for November.


  • 20x Abe Vigodas + Reverse Abe Vigodas
  • Mosey to parallel bars

Thang 1:

  • Merkins, Pull-ups, Military Merkins, Chin-ups
  • Mosey
  • Wide Merkins, Narrow Pull-ups, Decline Merkins, Heavy Pants w/Bands
  • Mosey
  • Diamond Merkins, Lawnmowers w/Bands, Under-the-Fence Merkins, BackFlys
  • Mosey

Thang 2: Repeat Thang 1

10 minutes of MaryLou Mary:

  • 40x LBC
  • 30x Forward Bike
  • 30x Reverse Bike
  • 20x Each side, Oblique V-ups
  • 30x American Hammers




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