Archives: The Forge – Oak Park 10/28

Date: Wednesday October 28, 2020

Time: 06:30

Location: Donut Shop – Oak Park




This week’s topic is Leadership Development Process: The process employed by groups to develop new leaders.

Lizard like organizations are forward looking and focus on the continual development of new leaders. Read about the key principles of F3’s LDP and how we can apply this to our organizations movement toward advantage!

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6! pax entered the gloom this morning for a conversation about the Leadership Development Process for F3 and it’s importance in our lives beyond F3.

Conditions: Real temp of 32, feels like temp of 27. Dry and clear skies.

A group’s Leadership Development Process may be the most important investment a leader can make in the long term success of the group. It is also one of the most under-utilized concepts by most organizations. “For great Leaders, developing new leaders is leadership of the highest caliber.”

Questions for the day:

  1. Is a Leader born or made?
  2. Are there common traits of good Leaders?
  3. Have you experienced a shortage of leadership in a group you have been a part of? If so, what does this look like?
  4. How did the group address the shortage in leadership?
  5. Have you seen schooling, apprenticeship, opportunity, and failure in practice?
  6. How does F3 utilize these principles?
  7. Is F3 Oak Park applying these principles?
  8. Directed to Rossy and Fogger…How have you learned about the principle of F3? And if not, that’s okay…give us feedback
  9. How does LDP apply to life at home with your family?

Moleskin: Temps are getting colder, but the conversation keeps getting better every week. There is one more week of Foundation dialogue before we start diving deeper into all of the areas of leadership addressed in the Q Source. One of the better parts of each week’s dialogue is the opportunity for introspection in how to improve F3 Oak Park by applying these principles directly. Out of today’s dialogue came the identified need to schedule and execute a Q School for F3 Oak Park (and surrounding regions). At just over 1.25 years old it is time for the current and developing leaders of Oak Park to dive deep into Freed to Lead, and learn why F3 does what it does. We are more than a workout, but if we do not push the men to see that, we risk failing the long term stability of F3 in Oak Park. So, coming to you soon, Q School!



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