Archives: The Fire This Time – The Bean 6/13

Date: Wednesday June 03, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown





UnZoom the Gloom is tomorrow. Join us.

Where: Parque de Noonan (Lake Shore East Park at 180 N. Field Blvd)

When: Sat, June 13, 7am

Who: You

Other: Parking available on Randolph St.


animation phoenix GIF by Challenger

For some of us, the fire over the last several weeks was but only a few burning embers fueled by Zoom in beatdowns that happened regularly, or irregularly. For anyone who participated, this is no way to light and feed a fire. For all these reasons, it was nice to witness a re-baptism by fire as the five Pax who posted this morning (Arts & Crafts, Ladybug, Mimbo, Noonan and Homer on the Q) rose from the ashes in flaming fury.

  1. Side Straddle Hop
  2. Twisting Lunge
  3. Super Maro Bros
  4. Abe Vigoda–forward/backward
  5. Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Squats & Run–150/175
  6. Flutter Kick
  7. Penguin
  8. Slo-Mo LBCs

Given the unseasonably chilly weather this morning, a strong fire was needed. Coffeteria was held at Stan Donuts, with Mimbo’s M in the Making as a plus one. The Pax found unusual delight with Homer fashioning his shirt into a makeshift mask leading everyone to believe he had fallen ill, or someone inside of Stan’s ripped one. Good thing the fire killed the stink.