Archives: The Beatdown to End all Beatdowns (or Semper Fi x 243)

Date: Saturday November 10, 2018

Time: 07:00






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The Beatdown to End all Beatdowns (or Semper Fi x 243)

Homer declared war on the PAX at the Nov 10 beatdown, but little did he know an unstoppable platoon of Devil Dogs (and Hotlips) were waiting with calm and conviction to bring the fight to him. In the end, the good guys (Arts & Crafts, Denari, DR Crab Legs, Hotlips, Kodak, Ladybug, Lavendar, MaryLou, FNG ChiChi, FNG Grease Trap, Homer taking the Q) triumphed and, once again, made the world safe for democracy.

1.   Red Baron (Abe Vigodas and Don Quixote) – 10

2.   The Kaiser’s Helmet (burpees with a twist) – 20

3.   War Horse Trot (high knees and lunges) – 25

4.   Over There (Mosey)

5.   Morning Glory (Side Straddle Hope) – 12

6.   No Man’s Land (Army crawl)

7.   Incoming! (duck walk)

8.   The Black Hand (wheel barrel up the hill) – 2x

9.   Devil Dog (fast bear crawl relay)

10. Over There (to the Plaza)

11. Bolshevik Hammer & Sickle (American Hammer with a twist) – 12

12. Battle of the Somme (Lions, Tigers & Bears) 2x

13. Siegfried Line (CSAUP/crazy shit)

14. The Doughboy (Fireman’s Carry)

15. Three Brested Litovsk (Three Breasted Merkins) – 10

16. Wonder Woman (Lt. Dan’s) – 3 sets of 10

17. Micro merkins (Improv, 3 sets)

18. Galliopi (Relay run merkins)

19. Morning Glory (Improv) – 20

20. Thors (Improv) – 1,000

21. All’s Quiet on the Western Front (Silent Mt. Climbers) – 30

22. Sink the Lusitania (Plank till Fail)

With the Marine’s 243rd year anniversary (Nov 10) and Veterans’ Day, or the 100th year anniversary of the end of WW I (Nov 11), there was much to observe and commemorate. Tclaps to those who serve and prayers to those who know when to fight and when to show restraint. Welcome ChiChi and Grease Trap. 



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