Archives: The Bean (Tuesday)12/31

Date: Tuesday December 31, 2019

Time: 05:00







12/31 5:30 am Noonan, Sweeththooth Met at “the bean”. It was cold.  Noonan suggested we go below ground to earths center.  While reluctant since I was head to toe in Christmas cold weather gear I agreed given the footing was difficult at best.

Warm up-Motivatorsx7, mountain climbersx30, squatsx15, wallsquatsx6, wallsits.
main set- Follow the leader sprints- pole to pole by mostly running with a little shuffling, and bear crawls. Heart rate soaring.
main set 2- Stair runs up two flights x5 sprint up, slow back. Run hard to one even of garage and back.
Various Mary finished it off.   We got it done and move on to next year.  Sweeththooth



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