Archives: The Bean (Tue) 4/16

Date: Tuesday April 16, 2019

Time: 05:30


QIC: DR – Popper





AO: The Bean

When: 4/16

PAX: Denari, Lavender, DR-Zacchaeus, DR-Popper

QIC: DR-Popper

As YHC from down range (F3 Alpha region in suburban Atlanta) was about to deplane in Chicago on Monday, he made contact with F3 Chicago Nant’an Denari and was offered the Q at the Bean for Tuesday. What a rare treat! Of course the response was in the affirmative.

After some Monday evening recon, and forewarning from Denari that Millennium Park security make a living chasing PAX in the gloom, YHC showed up with plan A (park) and plan B (no park) on the weinke.

Security did not disappoint, as a very intimidating 5’ security officer chased YHC out at 5:20. Plan B it is, with a jailbird as your new Q. The PAX assembled on Michigan Ave and we began.



5:30: Quick disclaimer in the pavilion on Michigan/Randolph, followed by:

  • Mosey around the lawn
  • SSH
  • Weed picker
  • Windmill
  • Arm circles

Warm-o-rama was interrupted by short-stack Smokey, intent on chasing these bandits out onto the streets, so we finished W-o-R on Michigan Ave.



5:35: Mile mosey with pain stations

  • Station 1: Hurpees on Randolph
  • Station 2: 20x dips + 20 big boy situps + 20x dips on Lake Shore
  • Station 3 (improvised after the PAX discovered the under-Columbus tunnel was locked): Calf raises in ascending reps on tunnel steps up to street level on Monroe
  • Station 4: 20x Star Jumps at park entrance

At this point we did the math and decided if we ran back into the park, by the time our pocket-sized park warden could catch up, it would be 6am and the park would be open, so we did…


THANG 2: 11’s in a Figure 8

5:55: Mosey to the pavilion on Randolph/Michigan

11’s with a twist

  • Bear crawl around the fountain (Modified to lunge walks after the first few rounds)
  • V-Ups in ascending reps
  • Mosey halfway around the lawn
  • Burpees in descending reps
  • Mosey back

YHC had hoped to do THANG 2 as THANG 1 at the start of the workout, but the fuzz was not on board. So with the remaining time we did as many of these 11’s as we could before some….




  • LBC
  • American hammer
  • Penguin



Exciting upcoming events at The Bean and Dip City. A mix of stalwart local HIMs and rotating tap of down range PAX make this F3 Chicago group an exciting place to be.



As a native Chicagoan turned Atlanta transplant, it was YHC’s sincere pleasure to lead these PAX in a jailbreak beatdown in my old stomping grounds. I hope it won’t be the last. Denari is a solid Nant’an and it’s clear he’s got a passion for building this community of HIMs.


Thanks for having me out, men!



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