Archives: The Bean (Tue) 3/26

Date: Tuesday March 26, 2019

Time: 05:30


QIC: denari





Lucille and Noonan posted for Denari ‘s Girardi inspired Q this morning. Things started off with Noonan getting chased by Paul Blart from The Bean, “park’s closed ’til 6!”. So… the warm up was led streetside. What up, Michigan Ave! Flutter kicks were in order, 44 IC, spiderman merkins, 5 IC.

Mosey to north of the Chicago River, to the very well known stairs, benches, and hand rails near University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. But, not for the usual circuit. We ran the stairs, 10 squats at the top, down the stairs for 10 pull-ups, up the opposite set of stairs, 10 burpees at the top, down the stairs for 10 dips. Plank for the 6. Hit some Mary in between sets – plank jacks, gas pumps, flutter kicks. Then, we hit the circuit again but added 5 reps to each exercise.

Mosey up to Michigan Ave for more Mary – Hello Dolly this time. Then mosey back to The Bean to finish with more dips, derkins, and then Mary – heels to heaven and a final set of spiderman merkins.

Naked Moleskin – Lucille is a global traveller, but is eager to knock out his VQ. Noonan has offered to co-Q to help get him into the swing of things, and is targeting a VQ date of April 6! Noonan volunteered his Q services for this Thursday at DipCity. We only had one fartsack today, which is uncharacteristic from this pax that will remain nameless. But, we fully expect to see him out in the gloom on Thursday.



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