Archives: The Bean (Tue) 10/23

Date: Tuesday October 23, 2018

Time: 05:30


QIC: Girardi

Sweet Tooth
Boom Boom




Girardi (QIC) led THE BEAST!

Q and pax hung out with the Paul Blart’s near the staircase at The Bean because… well… the park is closed until 0600! This caused some pax to be missed before starting the workout, so remember to meet streetside (on Michigan Ave) if Paul Blart chases you!

After a quick warm up, Girardi led pax to Parque de Noonan and introduced us to The Beast. Six laps (straight away, up stairs, up hill, and back) with six stops to perform six reps of an exercise. Exercises consisted of merkins, wide arm merkins, diamond merkinds, peter parker, parker peter, and mountain climber. Mosey back to The Bean with a few Mary exercises mixed in along the way (dolly, LBCs, flutters).

Quick COT to close out, with particular mention to our F3 Naperville brother, Bump, who went in for his third brain surgery on Tuesday.

Welcome, FNG Boom Boom!