Archives: The Bean (Tue) 10/1

Date: Tuesday October 01, 2019

Time: 05:30



Rug Burn
Michael Bolton




6 Total PAX started out at the Bean in the darkness @ 5:30.

3 DR PAX – Undertaker (ATL) Rug Burn (ATL) & Michael Bolton (Charleston)

1 FNG – Mimi (Matt Biasella) – Welcome!!!

Denari and Noonan were the locals.

Warmup consisted of Good Mornings, Don Quixote, Goofballs, and Frankenstein’s, which was followed by a short stroll over to 2 Illinois Center and an 8-count motivator. One of the passing by commuters, probably en-route to work, did join us for a few reps.

We spent some time on the riverfront where we got in an erkin/derkin superset, followed by a Jacobs ladder (8) of burpees/squat jumps.

Trek back to the bean started at the Wabash and Wacker stairs with pulse merkins, toe touch crunches, and squat pulses.

Post concluded at the bean with superman’s, side planks, and table tops.

One of the local photographers was nice enough to take a group photo while the sun was starting to come up.

When going through the naming exercise for FNG Matt, we focused on the Cleveland reference and more specifically the Drew Carey Show. See you at your next post Mimi.



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