Archives: The Bean (Thu) 2/27

Date: Thursday February 27, 2020

Time: 05:30


QIC: lavender

El Chapo




Here on the second day of lent, 4 pax – homer, El Chapo, DR Moneyball, QIC Lavender – got together to repent for the sins of the the past year, be they fartsacking, halfway repping, or showing up late (which the QIC may have done by 2 minutes this gloomy morning). This was done by way of the “Brotastic” (not a name I chose for this…) Lenten challenge.

1.25 mile mosey – tclaps to Moneyball and Lavender for getting some EC milage in before the beatdown

stopped for a 1 1/2 minute plank during a red light

10 burpees

25 dips

25 FULL squats (as an aside, this is the most common halfway repped exercise we do at F3; today we did a slower than usual count to ensure we were not living in sin; I’ll leave future form to be discussed between you and your own higher power)

25 merkens

25 big boy situps

1 minute wall sit

30 second plank

25 dips – hold dip position for 10 seconds – 25 more dips

50 FULL squats

25 merkens

50 big boy situps

25 merkens

1 minute wall sit

1 minute plank

all pax still owe 10 burpees today to get to 20 for the day – you can blame QIC for not being good at counting.

Some good mumble chatter today about how pax got their F3 names. Apparently Moneyball does not come from a Michael Lewis novel, but rather his love of both money and ball. Homer nearly disintegrated the east coast with a true nuclear disaster of a PR scheme. Lavender’s got a few derivations. El Chapo has HW this weekend of watching Miracle on Ice, story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey team – apparently smart mathematicians like him don’t believe in miracles, but I bet Herb Brooks, Jim Craig, Mike Eruzione, and the narration of Al Michaels can change his mind.

See y’all in the gloom for what’s being billed as a quadrennial treat of a leap day workout this Saturday with QIC Homer.