Archives: The Bean (Thu) 1/29

Date: Thursday January 30, 2020

Time: 05:30


QIC: dadurk



Faith, Fellowship, Fitness beats the Chicago ‘Winter’ Blues!

Date: Thursday January 30

Time: 5:30 AM

AO: The Bean – Millennium Park

QIC: Arts and Crafts

The Thang: Break through the Chicago ‘Winter’ Blues with a great workout this Thursday at the Bean. We’ll give you six core busting reasons to dream of summer! Aye!

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QIC: Arts and Crafts

Date: 1/30/20

AO: The Bean (Millennium Park)

Pax: Arts and Crafts and Homer

Yours truly and Homer beat the Winter blues with a suite of 6’s and got a great core work-out


Good Mornings – 6

Imperial Walkers – 16

Abe Vagota’s – 16 and reverse

Seal Claps – 16

Motivators – Down from 9 (upside down 6)


Station 1: 6 squat jumps – 6x

Station 2: 6 mini burpees – 5x

Station 3: 6 American Hammers – 4x

Station 4: 6 plank jacks – 3x

Station 5: 6 plank rolls – 2x

Station 6: 6 plank shoulder touches – 1x


Andre Agassi’s:

Sprint to Station 1 and back for 10 Merkins

Sprint to Station 2 and back for 10 Merkins

Sprint to Station 3 and back for 10 Merkins

Repeat and replace with Side Straddle Hops

6 MOM:

10 American Hammers

10 Boat Canoes

10 Heals to Heaven

10 Box Cutters

10 El Capitan

Announcements –

3rd F + Poker Night @Noonan’s

2nd F Project Fire event at The Library May 7



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