Archives: The Bean (Sat) 9/29

Date: Saturday September 29, 2018

Time: 07:00


QIC: denari

Deep Dish – DR




Conditions: 50° and clear

Some may describe it as the last workout of September, the last workout of Q3, the last workout of the summer. Others may say it’s the first workout of fall, or the first workout of “football weather”. We call it the first Saturday workout of year 2 of F3 Chicago!

Notable core pax are MIA due to RagNar or illness, but in true Chicago fashion, we have DR pax representing F3 nation in the Windy City!

Denari led a crowdsourced beatdown with exercises from Noonan, Ladybug, and Deep Dish (DR from NC).

Warm Up

  • World’s Greatest Stretch
  • Motivators!
  • Abe Vigoda to seal clap
  • Hands of Time merkins
  • Good Mornings

Mosey to bike rack for pull up to walking lunge

Mosey to Parque de Noon for the Thangs

Thang 1 – Dora

  • 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs
  • partner runs stairs + hill run to the street

Thang 2 – La Vuelta de Noonan (The Noonan Lap)

  • partner 1 runs a lap
  • partner 2 holds core exercise (1- wall sit; 2- plank)

Mosey back to The Bean

Finisher – Doomsday Clock (merkins till failure)


4 pax started year-2 in a strong way. Noonan is ready for another great year and explained how he got started with F3. Ladybug is building up to his VQ. Deep Dish is an all-around HIM and multi-sport baddass competitor!

YHC is ready for year-2 of F3 Chicago. Throwing out the bat signal: Little League, Lucile, Mr. Hand, Paczki, Petro, Redick, Analog, BooBoo, Captain Stubing, Cosby, Doogie, Klachzarski, Mantecore, Near Beer, Papoose, Tee Ball.



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