Archives: The Bean (Sat) 7/6 – Denari BDay Q

Date: Saturday July 06, 2019

Time: 07:00


QIC: denari

Marco Polo




July 6, 2019 – The Bean – Denari BDay Q

7 pax escaped the fartsart and the 4th of July hangover by posting to The Bean for Denari BDay Q. An epic meltdown of sweat in the humid Chicago not-so-gloomy 0700 hour. Denari led Homer, Noonan, Lavender, MaryLou, Ladybug, and Marco Polo.

Thangs started off quickly, as the Spy in the Sky (they’re always watching!) called in to Paul Blart with regards to our hoisting of the shovelflag. Old Glory is still not allowed in Cloud Gate, at least from the rules being abided by the man behind the radio call to Paul Blart. Alas, we must not forget, that we are on the same team as Paul Blart. And, with The Bean and Cancer Survivor’s Memorial being vandalized with graffiti earlier this week, we adhere to the rules and respect of those enforcing said rules. And so, we mosey’d and got down with them thangs!

Thang 1 – JPD x3 (JP Dinnell’s favorite non-burpee exercise is the A2G squat hold calf raises)

  • Breakdancer
  • Squat, up into → standing calf raise
  • Ass2Grass squat, hold, into → calf raise
  • Flutter kicks
  • FINISHER – Catalina Wine Mixer + Xs & Os

Mosey to bike rack – Aussie Pull-Ups

Mosey to Parque de Noonan

Thang 2 – AMRAP (20min time hack)

  • 24 squats
  • 18 arm holders
  • 12 dips
  • 6 burpees
  • 1min high plank
  • Stairs (up and down – shout out “Sweet/Sugar Tooth at the top)
  • FINISHER – squat thrusters (4ct cadence)

Mosey to bike rack – Aussie Pull-Ups

Mosey to The Bean

6MoM x2

  • Doomsday Clock style 6in leg raise hold
  • Doomsday Clock merkins

Naked Moleskin

Tclaps to 1st F Q (Ladybug) for organizing the 4th month of 1st F Challenge. The 1st F Challenge is important 1st F + 2nd F binder, keeping Chicago pax together through the summer vacation and travel. 1st F Challenge can be accomplished OYO, which means continued connection to home base for pax on the road. Coffeeteria continues to be a highlight of F3 Chicago. This time, a 2nd F poker night was scheduled.


  • July 22 – Sox game with Crablegs (Larry Falivena of F3 South Wake)
  • Larry was diagnosed with ALS in 2018 and is visiting every MLB stadium to raise awareness for ALS and fundraise for ALS research
  • @lfchallengeals on Twitter
  • @larrychallengesals on Instagram
  • July 28, 6-8pm – 3rd F – Lincoln Park Community Services
  • Feed the homeless event – buy, cook, serve, cleanup dinner
  • Ms and 2.0s included!
  • Sep 20-22 – GrowRuck
  • Hosted by F3 Naperville
  • Pre-blast
  • Registration page
  • Schedule
  • Fri night – 2nd F Event
  • Sat AM EC run, workout, coffeeteria + Grow School
  • Sat PM GORUCK Tough
  • Sun AM breakfast
  • Slack workspace
  • Facebook Comz



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