Archives: The Bean (Sat) 6/8

Date: Wednesday May 29, 2019

Time: 12:00


QIC: deadic8

Arts N Crafts
FNG Spicoli
Type B
Lead pipe



Gents, let’s celebrate the 75th anniversary of that special day in American history when the fighting men and women of the World War II answered the call against tyranny. They faced great odds yet succeeded on every front. They not only won The War but the saved the world. In doing so, they became known as the Greatest Generation this country has ever seen and may ever see.

We’ll take a jaunt west to visit an underappreciated war memorial while paying tribute to not the 75th year anniversary of D-Day but also to the creator of the burpees (thanks Homer!), Royal Burpee born 6/4/1897.


4 PAX met early for a pre-Q ruck along the lake. Some good mumble chatter was had, especially between long time friends of YHC and Kodak. Time with this HIM is why I get up early and make the trip. While the rest of us were carrying the standard 30-lb rucksack, this HIM was casually getting after it with a 60-lb sandbag. Was motivating for me to say the least. Was especially impressed with Leadpipe who showed up for the EC ruck only due to some family commitments. Any PAX who is willing to post just for EC should get some special Tclaps from us.

9 PAX then met at the Bean for a D-Day inspired 75-burpee beatdown. Moseyed over to the Eternal Flame where General Eisenhower’s D-Day speech to the troops was read aloud to the PAX. We then moseyed around the city with intermittent stops of burpees and some core work. Finished up back at the Bean for a F3 Chicago tradition of a DR-led 6MoM. Ended with COT and the presentation of the new FNG’s lifetime membership to F3. Welcome F3 Spicoli to the group. Hope to see you back.

Take away from today’s Q is managing the wide array of fitness levels while ensuring max beatdown efforts. Likely a little less moseying next go-round and a little more body work. Looking forward to the next evolution,,,

YHC Ladybug



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