Archives: The Bean (Sat) 5/4

Date: Saturday May 04, 2019

Time: 07:00


QIC: mimbo

Type B
Mr. Brown


Can someone who hasn’t seen most of Star Wars design a Star Wars themed workout? Probably not, but come find out to be sure. May the fourth be with you. Also rest in peace to Chewbacca.

star wars holiday special christmas GIF




Strong DR presence for this sunny spring morning beatdown while PAX from throughout the region traversed the city for Star Course.


Warm up

– Abe Vigodas

– Squat Jack’s

– arm circles (forward/backward/overhead claps)

– Imperial Storm troopers for 2.5 minutes to the tune of the Imperial Death March (this half-assed lyrics satisfied the Star Wars theme for May the 4th)


Image result for yoda there is no try


Mosey to stairs by riverside Apple Store


– Stairway to Seven (burpees and Merkins at bottom of stair and squats at the top, increase from 1 to 7)


Mosey to lakefront trail


– Stopped at a nice looking hill, partnered up

– partner A does lunges up and down the hill while partner B does dips on square rocks at bottom of hill. Second set switched to box jumps.


Mosey back to the Bean

– PAX arriving back at the Bean first assumed the plank position while waiting for the 6 to roll in.


This brought us right to 8 am and ended with Name o Rama and COT. Winnebago helped name FNG now known as Rat, inspired by his Patriots fandom.


Ran over 3 miles as I continue to underestimate how far things are from one another. Nonetheless, we got a good tour of the city for the out of towners. And we all got a little bit better.



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