Archives: The Bean (Sat) 5/18

Date: Saturday May 18, 2019

Time: 07:00


QIC: denari

Sweet Tooth
DR – Newton



Pax were intimidated earlier this week by Denari’s submission to the F3 Lexicon committee for “SPLASH MALORT”, so after a healthy dose of 2ndF for Lavender’s bachelor celebration on Thursday evening (which included Malort on two separate occasions… courtesy of two Kotters), pax were extremely hesitant to HC to Saturday festivities. F3’s fearless leader, Dredd, didn’t help matters when his words on this week’s podcast resonated with Denari…. “I’ve been telling guys that I signed up for this CSAUP but, it’s going to be hard and they probably shouldn’t sign up”. Denari took this reverse psychology from the Michael Scott School of Business and and applied it as smooth as drawn butter across pax, Kotters, EHs, and randoms jogging past #TheBean. Two pax posted for the Extra Credit run, with 6 additional pax joining for the beatdown. As previously mentioned, Denari fully intended to smoke these HCs, and force a SPLASH MALORT.

To Denari’s dismay, no Malort was harmed in this smokefest. The weather was perfect, and pax were able to stay relatively cool throughout…

Warm Up:

8-count body builder, which was Q’d incorrectly, as it included a jump/clap rather than a plank jack -10x

Flutter Kicks

Breakdancer (photo)

Bear Crawl

Plank Jacks

Xs and Os


Mosey – Flutter Kicks, Plank Jacks

  • That awesome merkin circuit where pax line up in high plank, shoulder to shoulder, and pax perform a patty-cake merkin down the line until all pax have completed a single rep

Mosey – Flutter Kicks, hold 6 inches (photo), Plank Jacks


Thang 1- pull-ups on bike rack, bear crawl to adjacent bike rack – 2x

Mosey – Flutter Kicks, Plank Jacks, Freddie Mercury

Thang 2 – Tennis Court Madness x2

  • Indian Run
  • Balls to the Wall
  • Bear Crawl
  • Suicide
  • Flutter Kick

In general, sarcastic feedback from pax was that the difficulty was lacking, so YHC (Denari) Q’d an additional exercise called T-Daddy’s, a hand stand push-up (balls to the wall push-up)

Mosey – Flutter Kicks, Plank Jacks

Thang 3 – hill sprints – Denari led pax to Parque de Noonan to sprint the stairs to the street, then sprint from the street up the hill to the next street. This exercise is completed as a single sprint. Hold high plank at second street for the 6. Thang 3 went 2x.

Mosey – Flutter Kicks

Thang 4 – pull-ups on the bike rack

Mosey – Flutter Kicks

Last little mosey brought pax to #TheBean at precisely 0800. Doomsday Clock was in order, but several pax did not have time for this Extra Credit (DR Newton going to 2.0’s graduation, Parkers and Peaches, going to meet family, etc.). This beatdown was fully wrapped, without a single drop of Malort being spilt.

Moleskin: as all F3 AOs know, the best Saturday 2ndF opportunities occur during pre-workout extra credit. Kodak and Lavender were the beneficiaries of this valuable 2ndF. While Saturday EC only has several pax by tradition, this is a particularly strong way to EH current pax as well as FNGs interested in jogging (aka running), which YHC (Denari) fartsacked. F3 Chicago is a unique AO in the sense that the majority of pax are traveling to #TheBean from surrounding neighborhoods, several of which are ~8 miles away. This may sound relatively nearby, but in the highly populated and dense city of Chicago, makes for heavy travel times. #HIM of F3 Chicago often participate in their own EC, running from their homes to #The Bean AO, which is not to be discounted.

F3 Chicago took time to acknowledge and congratulate our brothers from F3 Naperville participating in the Ragnar CSAUP this week in Wisconsin! Tclaps to those #HIMs.

Strong 2ndF was had, as tradition, at Panera. Reflection on recent experiences, including 50mi StarCourse, golf, and 3rdF event planning was had.

F3 Chicago pax continue to be venimently thankful for the F3 Nation and the #HIM men sent from down range. F3 Chicago continuously benefits from the #HIM in terms of Q abilities and leadership. Over the past two weeks, we want to specifically thank Newton (NATX), Shoestring (Memphis), Mr. Peabody (STL), Dumbo (SouthWake), Winnebago, Ripken.