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Date: Saturday March 07, 2020

Time: 07:00


QIC: deadic8



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Come ready to get a little Brotastic Lenten Challenge work in as we tour the Mag Mile while shopping for “pearls”.




EC Run:

YHC met in the early gloom for another fine jaunt down south to the artist formerly known as Northerly Island with the 5 lads from F3 Oak Park. These lads come ready, come strong and are always down for some mileage. Mumble chatter was good stuff. According to the many GPS-strapped HIMs we got in close to 5 miles prior to the BD.



Six of us grabbed a quick breather before meeting up with another 3 PAX. DR Cheddar from F3 Greensboro rolled into town with a good FNG. Both former NCAA football stars from NMU & WMU, go Broncos & Wildcats. Both solid HIMs who came ready to work.


On this day in Military History – March 7, 1936 was the day Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles by sending German forces into the Rhineland. The Rhineland was a demilitarized zone in Western Germany along the Rhine River. This was Hitler’s first act of aggression before setting off WWII in 1939 by invading Poland.


Warmups – Abe Vigodas, overhead claps, seal claps and grass pickers.


Mosey to the 1st of many pearl-on-a-string evolutions. We ran down the Mag Mile interspersing some good sidewalk work in between red lights. Made it down to our former AO, the infamous Dip City. While at DC, we held a little partner mashup around the track while pumping out pullups, merkins, big boy situps, air squats and dips. Solid work put in here.


Mosey back to the Bean with another evolution of pearls-on-a-string.


COT – we gave thanks for those who came before us. The men and women of WWII who sacrificed their lives and way of life to come together to defeat Nazi Germany & Imperial Japan. All gave some and some gave all. These are the men and women of the Greatest Generation a society has ever produced. We also gave thanks to those HIMs who started F3 nationally and locally. The HIMs like Dark Helmet, Dredd, our own Denari and another one of own Kodak. These men took the guide stick and ran with it. They took their charge and are leading men in their areas to become better men for our societies. Without them, F3 Chicago and F3 Oak Park would not be here. We give thanks for them as well.



I continue to show up and be held accountable to this group. It’s fellowship for me goes beyond words, at times I am unable to express my gratitude to this group of HIMs and feel eternally grateful that I have this in my life. And I have Kodak to thank for the gentle EHing at every opportunity, without his persistence I may still be that sad clown.







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