Archives: The Bean (Sat) 3/21

Date: Saturday March 21, 2020

Time: 07:00


QIC: lavender





4 pax – QIC Lavender, Homer, Noonan, & Rat – braved a slight chill and major viral quarantine for today’s beatdown. Lavender was only 30 seconds late. We hope the virtual pax will join from home!


motivators down from 10

10 abe vagodas

10 reverse Abe vagodas


every minute and 19 seconds (1:19) do 4 burpees

Between these burpees do dips, squats, and big boy sit-ups oyo

continue until all pax have completed 100 dips, 100 sqauts, and 100 big boy sit-ups

when pax have competed but other pax have not, continue with burpees and plank during the remaining time

took 11 rounds to complete

ran 3/4 mile by the news trucks and to the other side of bp bridge; received 12 honks from 4 different cars: Naantaan and F3 Chicago historian Homer tells us this is the most in F3 chicago history


20 walking lunges

12 pax led mary exercises in honor of the record number of honks:

RAT – 12 American hammer

Noonan- 19 lbcs

lavender – 35 penguins

Homer- 20 plank jacks

RAT – 19 flutters

Noonan – 19 Peter parkers

Lavender – 19 mountain climbers

Homer – 19 Carolina dry docks

RAT – 19 gas pumps

Noonan – 19 xos (hold last x)

Lavender – 1 minute plank

Homer – 19 break dancers

1/4 mile run back across bp bridge to the bean

covid-19 inspired doomsday clock – as a point of interest the real life doomsday clock is currently set to 100 seconds, its closest to midnight since the clock was started in 1947.

Socially distanced COT

announcements – everything is cancelled except what isn’t; beatdowns will continue in person socially distanced on the normal schedule as well as virtually via backblast; Lavender is investigating opportunities for virtual poker



prayer – let us be grateful and thankful for our health and the opportunity to be outside. Let us be thinking about those less fortunate or at risk and how we can help. This is an opportunity to, while physically separate, emotionally come together to innovate and solve problems facing our community and world.

As a personal note, I thought the second F was especially strong today and the chatter is good and important. Let’s be thinking about how we can improve and maintain our second F even while socially distanced and/or quarantined. It’s important for both our mental/emotional wellbeing and in ensuring we come out of this crisis stronger than we were before it.



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