Archives: The Bean (Sat) 2/2

Date: Wednesday January 23, 2019

Time: 12:00


QIC: kodak



02/02 PreBlast:

Okay boys. I can feel it – like a grizzly coming outta his den after a long winter’s nap, I can feel that we’re gonna get moving again. 

This last week was tough. Day-In/Day-Out was the same; jst another day in the office. Tomorrow we shake the moths out beginning w/ an Extra Credit Run followed by a BeatDown led by YHC. 

EC Run : 0615 at The Bean

BeatDown : 0700 at The Bean

Both events will start on-time w/ one Grand Tour lap around Millennium Park to catch any stragglers then move on from there. /out



02/02 BackBlast

Weather : Balmy, 23* + Pretty Dark. 


Extra Credit Run: LadyBug and Kodak met early to get the blood flowing and tour the Chicago Park District; 5k completed. 

BeatDown: Homer and Noonan joined the two for an hour’s worth of work that included alotta wind and wet-hands. 



Grand Tour: 

  • 1 perfect squat / 15 AFAP
  • Howling Monkey Humpers

Then joined by Lavender who needed to sweat-out a successful ‘Dry January’ celebration. 

  • SSH / Burpees

(5:2, 10:4, 15:6)


SHELDON cooper

  • PAX run a lap around Pritzker Lawn
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 squats
  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 LBCs

Hold plank for the 6

Repeat above with PAX running a lap, and decrease exercises by 1 each lap (10-6reps)


Suicide Plank

  • Pax get in single-file plank head to toes looking down a 100m corridor. 
  • Pax in rear sprints to end of corridor and returns to front of plank line, decreasing distance to finish. 



  • Count o Rama
  • Name o Rama
  • Announcements
  • February Heart Rate Challenge (JWNOYFFC)
  • HDHH this Th. 
  • TAP
  • Coffeeteria

Naked Moleskin:

These guys are tough, but after the winter-week we just survived, I think we were all itching to get outside and do some work. Our AO is the most-cared for park in the City, so sidewalks are well salted and absolutely wet. Don’t know how to incorporate ground-work w/o getting gloves soaked…. so, the men braved it out and no complaints by end of beatdown. 




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