Archives: The Bean (Sat) 12/8 – Denari

Date: Wednesday November 28, 2018

Time: 12:00


QIC: denari

Sweet Tooth
Sherman – DR
Carnie – DR
Sabot – FNG




“Feels Like” temp – 10° F

4 pax got after it early with an EC Run. Denari, Kodak, Ladybug, and DR HIM Sherman ran from the Bean to the Riverwalk, west on the Riverwalk to the end, and back. It was a nice 3-mile warm up to get the blood flowing!

DR Carnie was at the Bean, ready to rock, when the ECers arrived. Homer came running in with the shovelflag, and it was go time!

Denari welcomed the FNG, Sabot, with the disclaimer and then got down to business.

Warm Up:

Motivator – down from 8

Breakdancer – 11 IC

Imperial Walker – 21 IC

Abe Vigoda circuit – 10 IC (forward, backwards, seal clap, overhead clap)

Mosey to The Stairs

Thang: Rocky Balboa inspired strength circuit (10 reps of each exercise, 5 rounds)

-sprint up stairs


-sprint straight away


-sprint down other stairs to railings


Mosey back, the long way, to the Bean. Several stops to hold Al Gore

Shorty Thang: Bench work

Derkins – 10 IC

Dips – 20 IC

Mary: DR Sherman Q’d!


-plank variations

-box cutters

-leg lifts

-shoulder taps


We love seeing pax in the double digits when the temps are trying to reach single digits! Great work by all pax, especially FNG Sabot and DR Sherman and Carnie. Pax enjoyed post-beatdown coffeeteria, particularly after the Sherman led “Six Minutes of Mary” turned into “Ten Minutes of Pure, Ungodly Pain”. Yinz killed it!



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