Archives: The Bean (Sat) 12/7

Date: Wednesday November 27, 2019

Time: 12:00







6 PAX met in the gloom at The Bean this morning: Kodak, RAT, Mary Lou, Lavender, Homer, and Noonan

Workout started with a new one and a little humor – Homer’s Shit Show. This consists of each PAX standing around and doing something different. Good laugh had by all.

Warm-up consisted of Goofballs, Side Straddle Hops, Knee Raises, and Frankenstein’s

Short mosey down Michigan avenue where we completed a Squat/Squat hold super set, while waiting for the traffic.

We then continued onward to the Art Institute steps, where the PAX committed to a photo opportunity in front of the Lions. A kind stranger willing to take our photo, was passed over for the timed photo option. The former could have been the better choice, but hindsight is always 20/20.

Jacobs Ladder Set at the Art Institute Steps (9) consisting of Carolina Dry Docks and Merkins.

We then continued south to Congress and Michigan where we partnered up for the “3 Forks”.

One PAX ran a lap while the other chipped away at the combined exercises: Burpees (50) – Merkins (100) – LBC (150).

Short mosey over To Buckingham Fountain where we sprinkled in some Mary with Suicides (3 sets) – Superman, Leg Raises, and Penguins.

Mosey back to the Bean where RAT closed us out with: Rocky Balboa, Overhead Claps, and the Air Born Mind Bender.

Beatdown concluded with COT shortly after 8. 



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