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Date: Thursday October 31, 2019

Time: 12:00


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Happy 244th Marines, come out and celebrate with YHC as we take a light stroll around our favorite parks and do some light stretching/exercises. Nothing too strenuous, should be fun & delightful.

Or, we could smoke ourselves and have some real fun,,,





Five hard chargers showed up for the EC run up and down the Mag Mile. Some good mumble chatter was had as we tried to avoid the wind. These mornings are now becoming far and few between with the balmy weather. Take advantage where we can. Our guy Lav had to scoot early but his presence is always welcome. Good combo of humor, hard work ethic and fitness level. Good dewd and a solid HIM. We need moar just like him.

Five more showed up incl our longtime friend Hotlips who has made it back from some lower body injuries to post for the USMC bday/Veteran’s Day beatdown. Always good to have another veteran post and show our love for his great service. He’s a solid HIM and we hope he is back for good.

Quick warmup before heading over to the fountain for some buddy carries and bear crawls. Did a few sets of these and then moseyed to LSP East and ran the USMC birthday celebration. In honor of our 244th bday, we partnered up and did 244 merkins, 244 goblet squats with 30# coupons and 244 leg lifts. And ran a few laps in between partner sets.

Motivation was high this morning for the LSP East workout, the metal music was a welcome addition to the mix. Some mumble chatter from our guy Kodak who was surprised we weren’t playing music from the greatest Swedish rock band of all time. I told him we’d play some ABBA next go-round.

We moseyed back to the Bean for 6MoM and wrapped it up with a solid COT.

Moleskin from today was enjoy these kind of days while they last. It’s why we post each Saturday at the Bean. Beautiful city and solid men. Combo that’s hard to beat. Grateful to be a part of it.



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