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Date: Saturday November 30, 2019

Time: 07:00


QIC: denari

Sweet Tooth



Free leadership and personal development training through immersive experience, no sign up required! Show up at #TheBean at 0700 for boot camp, or 0615 for Extra Credit Run Club.


Moleskin: Today was one of those F3 days that is special. That’s not to say that every F3 day is not special, but rather, some days can seem “mundane” or “status quo”. No one was going through the motions today. Yes, there was mumble chatter (more than usual) and joking around, but no one was slacking off. No one mailed it in. There was a certain focus and attention being paid by each pax.

Denari: “I’ll take ‘Fitness Fellow Faith’ for $1000 please, Alex”

Trebek: “It’s More That A Workout”

Denari: “What is ‘The Reason Pax Post to F3?’ “

It’s important to remember why we are out here. It’s more than a workout. I surveyed the faces of the pax as the clock reached 0700. Eleven grown men standing outside at the largest tourist attraction in the city. The weather was not inviting. Ages span across 20 years. One guy showed up from Tennessee and didn’t know anyone. One guy drove in from Indiana to help lay the foundation for a new AO in Chinatown. One guy would be flying to Brazil a few hours later. One guy would be a pallbearer for his Godfather a few hours later.

We are into the third year of F3 Chicago. The charitable impact that F3 has made on the community is noticeable, having worked with multiple organizations. The physical impact that F3 has made on pax is noticeable as the men that stood before me are leaner, stronger, and tougher than they were in 2017. Most importantly, and not coincidentally, the most significant impact that I have seen F3 Chicago make is on the leadership capabilities of each individual pax. We got here through consistency and accountability. Whether they know it or not, I see guys locking shields and sharpening their blades against a whetstone. I see guys holding others accountable (I’ve done more than 100 penalty burpees). We are better for it, it’s obvious, and everyone can feel it. Today was my last Q as Nant’an of F3 Chicago, and I am astonished at the development I have seen in pax. Big things are happening in F3 Chicago. Our region is growing through the concentric growth model. Down Range pax flock to The Bean every week. And our pax naturally gravitate towards the leadership of men that rise to the occasion.

F3 – It’s More Than a Workout. Give It Away.

The Workout

  • Thang 1
  • Figure-8 bear crawl through the Bean
  • Motivators down from 11
  • Hydrants (timely re-named “Ole Piss”)
  • Circuit – 2x
  • up stairs, 20 dips, down stairs, 10 pull-ups, up stairs, down stairs
  • Thang 2
  • Breakdancer
  • Plank secquence
  • Flutter kicks
  • Thang 3
  • Q Says
  • Doomsday Clock
  • 6MoM
  • Wind Shield Wipers
  • Peter Parker
  • Parker Peter
  • Freddie Mercury



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