Archives: The Bean (Sat) 11/17

Date: Saturday November 17, 2018

Time: 07:00


QIC: kodak





11/17 BackBlast : 

Morning started out early w/ an ExtraCredit Ruck kicking off at 6:15. Kodak and LadyBug met for a swift loaded-carry in the gloom of the early morn. Good 1st and 2nd F going on there between these long-time friends. 

Ruck completed and we met more PAX at the Bean where the BeatDown began (7a). PAX included LadyBug, Homer, Joker, MaryLou, DR OffShore, FNG Milton (Welcome!!) and Kodak (QIC). 


⁃ Side Straddle Hops

⁃ Copperhead Squats

⁃ Shoulder-Tap Planks

⁃ Motivators

Mosey to Thang1

Thang1: Partner exercise


⁃ P1 does 4×100 run

⁃ P2 holds a plank (Alternate for 4 rounds)


⁃ P1 does 3×100 run

⁃ P2 holds a wall sit (3 rounds)


⁃ P1 does 2×100 run

⁃ P2 holds a side plank (2 rounds)


⁃ P1 does 1×100 run

⁃ P2 holds BallsToTheWall (1 round)

Freedom Run to Thang2

Thang 2: HodgePodge

⁃ Clock Merkins

⁃ Flutter Kicks

⁃ Bearway to Heaven (BKWDs BearCrawl up staircase)

⁃ Jack Webb’s

⁃ Mobility close-out


⁃ Count o Rama

⁃ Name o Rama

⁃ Gave thanks

Naked Moleskin: 

Although waking up in the 4’s to get on the CTA in the early 5’s to meet PAX at 6:15 doesn’t sound appealing for a weekend morning, but I have to say this is continually the highlight of my weekend and time spent w/ LadyBug was well worth it as mumble-chatter included plans for future AO growth and home life. I’ve known this dude for some 27 yrs now and since he’s many yrs older, he’s one of a few that I’ve looked towards to find the right path, always appreciated his commitment to the Corps and introduction to rugby. 

I hope the boys liked the workout although I didn’t plan on the ground being so wet (nor thang1 to eat up so much time) … static exercises on the ground gave quick realization that hands would be wet all morning and that’s why I cut out a lot of other potential groundwork. We didn’t have an EC run this am, so I felt no problem including a good run in today’s workout totaling 3k of running in that 4-3-2-1 relay. 

Shout-out to Nantan Denari as he was thrown into the deep end of Fatherhood. Go get em brutha: it’s all exciting, it’s all kinda scary and it’s all kinda awesome. Enjoy/ Kodak Out. 




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