Archives: The Bean (Sat) 10/19

Date: Wednesday October 09, 2019

Time: 12:00


QIC: deadic8

Sweet Tooth


YHC 1st F Q is dropping the hammer Sat morning for a brutal beatdown. Get ready to push & pull,,,

No fancy photos, no funny quips, no bullshit. We’re going Goggins,,, If it doesn’t suck, we aren’t doing it.




YHC was on the Q this morning and was motivated to bring it hard. Last time out was a little soft. Turned out to be a good one and a few lessons learned.


Abe Vigodas

Overhead claps

Seal claps

7-count motivators (has to start over, shit the bed on the cadence, Lavender got in my head!)

Mosey to fountain. Buddy carry for 5 laps with 4-count flutter kicks and 20 merkins and each turnover. 300 flutter kicks and 240 merkins in total.

Mosey to bike rack. 10 Sets of 10 pull-ups with 15 sec rest in between. Good work from all PAX.

Mosey back to Bean. Did front half of 1-15 merkin drill (stole it from D Goggins). Turned it over to Right Said for a quick Mary. Doomsday clock with Hello Dolly’s. The 3 DR PAX took the crown. Good work from those three.

COT ended the morning. Lightly attended coffeeteria but spent it with two solid HIMs in Mimbo and Right Said (who is becoming a welcomed regular to Chicago and we hope to see him more often). Learned of Mimbos nuptials planning and chatted with RSF about the Illinois judicial system. Great convo with these two and I appreciate the intimacy of a small coffeeteria. Whereas in a larger group, these smaller chats of learning about the men might not be readily available. While I enjoy the large group settings as well, these more private interactions is what builds the stronger bonds. It’s my WHY.

Moleskin from this morning. Q what you can do and let each man put in his own effort. Keep all interested and engaged while maintaining a challenging workout. Leave no man behind has never been more appropriate in these circumstances. 12 solid HIMs showed up today to get better. That’s all we ask, show up and put in the effort to become better men. Whatever your “world” asks of you as men, we will give them our best and F3 helps us accomplish that goal. Never been prouder than I am today to be able to participate in this group and surround myself with these men striving to improve themselves.






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