Archives: The Bean (Sat) 1/4

Date: Wednesday December 25, 2019

Time: 12:00


QIC: lavender

Sweet Tooth


Come ready to work. This one’s gonna kick your ass and insufficient effort will be punished. Once both of those things have happened, we’ll start the real beatdown.


12 Pax went out in the light snow – QIC Lavender, FNG Boucher, Kodak, MaryLou, Noonan, Sweet Tooth, Cutter, Sheriff, RAT, Homer, RA, & LED


Lizard stretch (AKA World’s greatest stretch, AKA MaryLou Yoga stretch)

Knee to Chest (hold for a bit on both legs)

Hamstring stretch (hold for a bit on both legs)

Abe Vagoda in cadence

reverse Abe Vagoda in cadence

Motivators (down from 10)

Mosey to Randolph street between amphitheater and bridge

Thang 1 (Introduction to Every Minute on the Minute – EMOM)

3 stations – 1 at Randolph street; 2 at stairs down to amphitheater; 3 at South end of Quad

EMOM run to the next station; complete exercise at station 1 during first minute then run to next station, complete exercise, wait for minute to be up to run to next station, complete 5x (start at 1, then 2, then 3, then 2, then finish at 1); keep a running count the reps you don’t complete – didn’t have time to finish during the minute)

first exercise – complete 20 pushups at each station

second exercise – complete 5 burpees at each station

third exercise – complete 30 side straddle hops

Now that we’re nice and warm lets get out of the cold – mosey to the garage

Homer’s counting ability was called into question. MaryLou assured us that Homer has been learning how to count.

pick a partner – each pax owes the amount his partner didn’t complete of:


X second leg hold

all complete 31 Freddy Mercurys in cadence

Thang 2 (EMOM 2)

EMOM run to the opposite end of the garage and complete 20 jump squats; count the jump squat reps you don’t complete; completed four minutes

As a group, missed 30 jump squat reps

As a group make up the 30 missed reps with 30 suicide segments – running to a pole is one segment (i.e. there and back is 2 segments); completed in 8 segment sets – first pole, back, second pole, back, third pole, back, fourth pole back; with one 6 segment set; suicides were timed and fortunately every suicide was quicker than the last so no need for extra segments

6 segment suicide took 40 seconds so completed a 40 second plank, clock stops when anybody’s knees touched the ground, so ultimately completed a 70 second plank

Cool Down

Mosey back to the Bean

Doomsday clock – reached 141


Welcome FNG Boucher! For surviving a brutal beatdown this morning you’ve earned a free lifetime nationwide membership to F3!

It was an honor to be given the privilege of Qin the first Saturday beatdown of the new decade. Everybody worked hard and showed tremendous effort today. It was great to have such a good turnout, especially a great mix of downtown and Oak Park guys. Great job everybody!



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