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Date: Wednesday January 09, 2019

Time: 12:00


QIC: deadic8



Weather forecast, 29 & 60% chance for a wintery mix for Saturday. My forecast, 0% chance for indoor work. Bring something warm (extra jacket, extra undies, extra attitude etc). Bring whatever you need to stay warm,,,

Snow & ice won’t keep certain hard-nosed PAX from getting work done. Come join the fun as we beat back Mother Nature and challenge her with our best efforts. It’s a contest between man and Mother Nature. Man crushes Mother Nature. No question.

Doing things that make you uncomfortable are good for the soul.






Weather was mild all things considering, EC run was started by Kodak & Denari with YHC setting the coupon traps along the course. Met up with EC’ers on lovely Randolph for a spirited jaunt back to the Bean where we prepped for a Spartan-themed beatdown to honor DR PAX Gemini from Pittsburgh who came into town over the holidays to share some love and made us stronger that day. Another HIM from Pitt, to say the least. Must be something in the water down there.


Warmed up at the Bean with our main man from Barney Miller fame, good ol’ Abe Vigodas. Transitioned directly into Seal Claps, heard some early moaning but the PAX plowed thru unscathed. Got the juices flowing in the ass-kickers with some deep squats and then ended the warmups on the stairs with Clock Merkins. Didn’t appear that the on-site City employees clearing the snow from the area shared our early-morning enthusiasm and were more than happy to send some snow our way as a strong message to vacate the premise. So in the spirit of self-preservation, we moseyed to the bike racks for Thang 2.


Thang 2 – hit up the bike rack for an intro to the Spartan theme. We started with a YHC fave, pull-ups. No better exercise for building upper body strength. PAX choice on grip style, we did 2 rounds so they had options. Ran 2 cycles (pun intended) of pull-ups, walking lunges, flutter kicks and ended with side-to-side merkins. PAX held strong and did an awesome job with this movement. Mosey to Noonan Park for Thang 3.


Thang 3 – Noonan’s home turf, Lakeshore Park. Definitely a favorite among our local PAX, lots of options here. We picked up our coupons in the form of 50# bags of rock salt. Mumble chatter could be heard that morning, “are we stealing the City’s property”? Certain PAX were in a slight state of confusion over the ownership of said coupons. Once the subject of potential larceny had diffused itself, we got to work. Spartan challenge initiated. PAX partnered up to run the loop with coupon while partner performed Dora 1-2-3 (150 merkins, 150 squats & 150 step-ups). Solid effort here, especially from younger, fresh-faced Mimbo. Showed us old guys the way. Upon completion, chatter was still around over the legal ownership of coupons and how to dispose of the evidence. Coupons were carried back to YHC’s vehicle, ad-hoc movement came into play here. A wise Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway of 2nd MarDiv fame once proclaimed the motto of the Marines is Improvise, Adapt & Overcome. That we did. #HeartbreakRidge. Mosey back to the Bean for 6MoM.


6MoM – ran the PAX thru a light abs workout of yogi bicycles and more flutter kicks. Ran short on time, failed to work in the Gemini favorite of the burpee ladder/loop run. Saved for a future beatdown.


Naked moleskin – even in the face of a wintery mix of snow and wind near the Lake, PAX showed up and did work. That’s the spirit of F3 Chicago & F3 Nation, we show up and get shit done when it sucks outside. Rain or shine, heat or cold. F3 Workouts are held outdoors. It’s the Nation’s 3rd Core Principle and F3 Chicago isn’t about to break it over a little wind. F3’s Mission is to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups in order to invigorate male community leadership. It starts with showing up. It’s easy, you just roll outta bed. Kiss the M, tell her you’ll be back in an hour or so and grab some coffee and head out the door. Makes us all better humans when we put the team and others ahead of ourselves. #Third #UnitIsFirst


F3 is what I need every week and it’s why I keep coming back even in the face of Old Man Winter giving me his best. Man did crush him and Mother Nature this week, show up next week to see it happen again.


YHC Ladybug,,,












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