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Date: Wednesday January 08, 2020

Time: 12:00


QIC: stephentyler



It’s going to be a cold and wet one tomorrow, but you wont want to miss out on saying goodbye to 26. Come out tomorrow morning to find out what that means, and to get beat down!


We had a great turnout for a very wet and cold beat down with 8 pax posting. Each pax helped me say goodbye to 26 in a special way as I turn 27 tomorrow.  










We started warming up with an overhead shoulder stretch before moving onto a simple quad stretch and a high knee stretch. We then warmed up with the following exercises all in cadence:

26 Abe Vigoda’s

26 Reverse Abe Vigoda’s

26 Grady Corn’s 

26 Side Straddle hops

We then did a quick mosey to finish our warmups on some solid footing. 

26 Mountain Man Poopers

26 Twinkle Toes

We then did an exercise called Failure To Launch with RA taking the crown as champ with 17 reps. 

We then did 3 sets of Route 26 (aka Route 66) running to 11 different stations to do an exercise ascending in count with each station for a total count of 66 reps for each exercise. 

Set 1 – Merkins

Set 2 – Squats

Set 3 – Side Straddle Hops

We then moseyed to the Millennium Park parking garage for some Merry done in cadence to the following exercises:

26 Flutter Kicks

26 Gas Pumps

26 LBC’s 

26 American Hammers

We then finished Merry with The Homer Shit Show (aka Guantanamo Bay) before moving on to the next routine which we partnered up for. 

Partner 1 planks while Partner 2 lunges to Station 1. Partner 2 begins doing merkins once at Station 1 while Partner 1 lunges to meet him. Once Partner 1 arrives, he begins doing merkins while Partner 2 bear crawls to Station 2 where he begins doing squats. Partner 1 then bear crawls to meet Partner 2 at Station 2 where he then begins doing squats while Partner 2 begins to crab walk to Station 3. Once Partner 2 arrives at Station 3, he begins doing Carolina dry ducks while Partner 1 begins to crab walk to meet him. Once Partner 1 arrives, Partner 2 sprints to station 4 while Partner 1 begins to do Carolina dry ducks. Once Partner 2 reaches Station 4, he holds an Al Gore while Partner 1 sprints to meet him. 

We rinsed and repeated this exercise one more time before moving on to two sets of suicides. 

Once suicides were finished, we circled up for Doomsday Clock with Ladybug claiming the title as he lasted to 107 reps. 

We then moved to a quick cool down rotating between a plank, downward dog, and  cobra pose. 

We finished up our last exercise by doing 27 side straddle hops effectively saying goodbye to year 26 for forever. 

We then closed out with count-a-rama, name-a-rama, and CoT

Congrats to Ladybug who was nominated to Q next Saturday, 1/25. 



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