Archives: The Bean (Sat) 1/12

Date: Wednesday January 02, 2019

Time: 12:00


QIC: denari

Head N Shoulders




THE BET – Bears > Eagles

The wager: pax of losing team complete flying squirrels in the amount of final score.

The outcome: Bears lose on what has officially been scored as a blocked field goal.

Denari was QIC for the Chicago pax that fell on the wrong side of the bet. Six pax endured the emotional pain of performing the flying squirrels in this week’s Saturday beatdown at The Bean (and two pax, Denari and Lavender, knocked out 3+ miles in EC Run).

Disclaimer was announced, not only because we had two FNGs ( ! ), but because of our focus on safety. Lead by example.

Warm Up

  • carioca
  • over the barrel (out to in, in to out)
  • high knees
  • butt kicks

Thang 1 – The Bet – Grand Tour

  • mosey to stop #1
  • 10 flying squirrels
  • Don Quixote
  • Abe Vigoda
  • mosey to stop #2
  • 10 flying squirrels
  • seal clap
  • overhead clap
  • squats
  • monkey humpers (business end facing LSD)
  • mosey to stop #3
  • 11 flying squirrels

Thang 2 – bench work (2 sets)

  • dips
  • derkins
  • Al Gore to ass-to-grass

Thang 3 – the race, because it’s always a race

  • pax are handicapped based on sprinting speed, slowest at the front, fastest at the back, encouraging all pax to sprint through the finish. On Q’s “GO!”, pax sprint around the perimeter of Pritzker Pavilion to the finish line. FNG, HeadNShoulders won, pax handicap was re-calibrated, and raced again. HeadNShoulders won again!
  • Dips and dolly were performed between races

6MoM (crowd sourced)

  • Denari: pickle pounders, Freddie Mercury, big boy sit ups
  • Lavendar: LBCs
  • Kodak: bear crawl and crab walk
  • Noonan: Xs & Os
  • HeadNShoulders: V-ups
  • Bandwagon: leg throw downs

Naked Moleskin

Two HIM are given a big warm welcome to HeadNShoulders and Bandwagon. Chicago pax are super excited to have F3 mesh so well with your organizations goals. Shout out to F3 Memphis for laying the EH groundwork on the HIM who previously heard of F3 while living in Memphis and knocked out their FNG post today in Chicago.



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