Archives: The Bean (Fri) 11/2 – Off The Books!

Date: Friday November 02, 2018

Time: 05:30


QIC: [email protected]





7 total PAX (6 DR) – Welcome F3 Memphis, Raleigh, and Toledo

Warmup: Good Morning, Motivator, and Imperial Walker

Thang 1 (Michigan/Lake): Mercan’s, Squats, and Lunges

Thang 2 (Gleacher Stairs – Columbus Circle) – Quad Lindy X 5 (Dips, Mercans, LBC’S, and Pullups)

Thang 3 (Michigan/Lake) – Peter Parker/Mountain Climber

Thang 4 (Bean) – Step-up lunges, flutter, and Freddie Mercury

Observation: The “November Project” appears to be the real deal. Their workout was in full force when we arrived back at the Bean and the group must have been 50 strong. Nothing like a little competition to motivate EHing.



F3 Chicago