Archives: The Bean – Downtown 9/12

Date: Wednesday September 02, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown

QIC: mimbo

Marco Polo



Happy Notre Dame Saved College Football Saturday! Let’s celebrate with a proper beatdown.

Brought to you by Mimbo



21s (4 SSHs in spoken cadence followed by 17 SSHs in silent cadence)

5 penalty burpees for a less-than-crisp finish. Half-credit

Arm circles

Alternating Toe touches

Mosey lap

Thang 1

  • 4 rounds of sprinting up Field Blvd, 20 merkins at end of street, walk back half way, lunge-walk the remainder, 20 big boy situps at the start of street

Thang 2

  • 90s routine (90 seconds AMRAP followed by a lap around the park, all set to 90s music)
  • 1st round – Burpees (Mimbo)
  • 2nd round – Squats (Marco Polo)
  • 3rd round – Carolina Dry Docks (RAT)
  • 4th round – Little Baby Crunches (Noonan)
  • Scrubs by TLC and Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg were the best tracks. Notably, LBCs were being done just after Snoop talks about there being “so much drama in the LBC”. Great moment.

Thang 3

  • Partner 1 does 50 calf raises on stairs while Partner 2 does dips on ledge, Round 2 – 40 calf raises, Round 3 – 30, Round 4 – 20, Round 5 – 10.

~5 Minutes of Mary

  • Seamless blend of flutter kicks, toe touches, scissor kicks


  • prayers for Noonan’s coworker whose mother recently had a stroke
  • prayers for Mimbo’s uncle who passed away recently

Naked Moleskine

  • Fun time with a small crew. Everyone pushed it and then finished it off with a solid coffeeteria filled with speculation on the future of work, metropolitan real estate value, and alternatives to having to take sides on everything. As if on cue, the rain started shortly after we dispersed. Another great outing in the gloom.