Archives: The Bean – Downtown 8/20

Date: Thursday August 20, 2020

Time: 06:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown


Sweet Tooth




Beat down started at 6 this morning in Lake Shore East Park. I was fully expecting just Sweet Tooth and myself. So the addition of Rancid came as a welcomed surprise. – Welcome to Chicago.

Warm-up comprised of Knee Raises, Good Mornings, Frankenstein’s, and Goofballs.

Short mosey through the park to Du Sable Harbor for Thang 1 – 2 sets of Pull-ups (10) and dips (20).

We followed the bike path south to the curve for Thang 2 – Burpees (5) at one end, with pulse push-ups (10) at the other. Bear crawl and crab walk was the conduit between exercises.

Short mosey over to Monroe & LSD for 2 additional Pull-up (10) and dips (20) sets.

Maggie Daley Park was the location for Mary, which comprised of crab walks separating toe touches (10) and peter parkers (10). 3 sets were completed.

We concluded with a COT around 6:50. I’m optimistic that Rancid was able to validate his parking 🙂

Additional Notes:

Sweet Tooth is our Q for Saturday.

Also, one of my customer calls this morning was with a bank from Omaha and this contact could be an EH candidate. 



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