Archives: The Bean 8/4 – Lollapalooza!!!

Date: Saturday August 04, 2018

Time: 07:00


QIC: denari

Sweet Tooth
Big Boy
DR – Proton
DR – Billy Goat
Arts N Crafts




Denari is at it again. A Lollapalooza weekend beatdown for two down range pax to remember.

Warm Up

  • Break Dancer (kick through – carolina dry dock – kick through)
  • Imperial Walker
  • Hillbilly
  • Abe Vigoda
  • forward
  • seal clap
  • backward
  • overhead clap
  • hold!!!

Thang 1 – BurPee Bridge

  • it’s when you do burpees on either side of the BP Bridge, starting from the top of the bridge, in the middle of Columbus Drive
  • 5 squats in the middle, run to end of bridge and do 5 burpees. 3 sets.
  • it’s a smokefest!

Thang 2 – 3rd F mindfulness and respect

  • stand in green space in Maggie Daley Park and spend a moment on 3rd F

Thang 3 – grab some bench

  • 3 sets of Dips
  • 3 sets of Derkins
  • 3 sets of Alternate Leg Step-Ups
  • 3 sets of Irkins

Thang 4 – it pays to be a winner!

  • mosey from Maggie Daley Park to Parque de Noonan
  • sprint race from Parque de Noonan to the planted shovelflag
  • SPRINT! up the stairs -> up the hill
  • all pax earned squats, 10 IC

6 MoM

  • Bear Crawl
  • Crab Walk
  • Peter Parker
  • Doomsday Clock


Warm welcome back to a healthy MaryLou! Happy to have you back and both wheels are working! Safe travels to our traveling pax. Looking forward to the triumphant return of Pickles to the Windy City. The 2nd F Convergence BBQ with Naperville is coming soon (details forthcoming). The NBC Chicago news segment is imminent; stay tuned!

Our 1-year anniversary is rapidly approaching. F3 Chicago is chock full of High Impact Men (HIM) and the EHing continues. FNGs have come, and they will return. Our significant growth came during the frigid winter months (pax know who they are – Tclaps!). Sep 23 anniversary is proof that F3 works in large metro areas. Tclaps to our Expansion team and everyone involved in our growth efforts. Surrounding AOs Naperville, Wheaton, and NWInd have been highly influential.