Archives: The Bean 7/4

Date: Wednesday June 24, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown

QIC: deadic8

Marco Polo


Come celebrate the year 1776 & the 4th of July with an epic BD. Plenty of options for sharing or flying solo as the American Eagle. Come get some down at LSE Park, aka Noonan Park.



1776 was the year and workout yesterday. Not at the Bean quite yet, but at Noonan-less Noonan Park. Good to see quarantined PAX like Denari and Marco Polo back out for some work. Attempted to lead PAX through a light warmup but was chastised for being milk toast and shouts of taunt were thrown my way in order to get the evolution under way.

Started with a quick 1.01 mile jaunt around Millennium Park. YHC started slow as the old man legs couldn’t quite get fired up after a tough F3 Etown beatdown the day prior and many other excuses which are too long to list. But quickly caught the much fresher gazelle-like PAX and led the group back to the Park for the remainder of the Q for the 1776 workout.

Between the Motivational bullhorn and my bad tastes in 80s music, we got after it in short order. Homer demands control of all musical inputs moving forward. As Nant’an, he promises to bring forth a newly appointed position within F3 Chicago leadership, the 1st MQ.

This workout is no joke, it’s a solid 90-120 min workout depending on speed and energy. As we wrapped up the workout, we learned from Lav that a good-intentioned pregame ritual of Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers interspersed with Jeni’s ice cream the night before turns out to be a BAD idea when attempting the 1776. Thoughts of redemption are already dancing in this young PAX’s head as part of his 2021 campaign dedicated to proper nutrition.

Mumble chatter was high post beatdown at our new favorite, yet expensive hobby of Stans Donuts & Coffee. Everyone felt good about the state of the baked goods economy, yet we were mildly disappointed about the lack of sighting of the newest Mag Mile mascot/staple. The Angry Runner. Please return to yer post, good sir,,,

LB out///