Archives: The Bean 7/18

Date: Saturday July 18, 2020

Time: 07:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown


Marco Polo
Italian Job




6 PAX got together at Lake Shore East Park for a beatdown this morning. This comprised of 5 regulars; Marco Polo, Lady Bug, Lavender, RAT, and Noonan, along with one FNG (Andrew) – Welcome Italian Job!!!

Warmup in the park consisted of Abe Vigoda’s, Side Straddle Hops, and Carioca.

We then moseyed over to the lake front path and proceeded south to Monroe Harbor.

We used the higher water levels to our advantage and got in 2 sets of 4X4’s (10 & 5) and Aiken Legs (20 & 10) on the partially submerged ledge. Flutter kicks, while laying in a few inches of water, capped off each set and provided a refreshing cool down. A young lady was even inspired enough to perform the 2nd set of Aiken legs and flutters with us.

We then headed south along the path to stairs between Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum for a Jacob’s Ladder set (10) of all merkins. This was our turnaround point.

We started heading back up North and this is where it became the Marco & Lady Bug run club

4 PAX’s used another of the partially submerged ledges for a Mary set of Boat/Canoe (Very fitting) and Penguins. Another nice cool down in the water.

We rendezvoused back with Marco & LB at Monroe Harbor and proceed back towards LSE park.

Workout concluded with LBC’s and American Hammer’s around 8:15.

As a side note – If Lavender every competed in triathlons, we will have to work with him on the water to land transition 



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