Archives: The Bean 7/14 – Denari's "Hate" Graduation

Date: Saturday July 14, 2018

Time: 07:00


QIC: denari

The Rabbi
Big Boy


Denari’s celebratory Q for exiting the “hate” category of F3 love!

QIC’s request: minimum 5 FNGs! Get out there and EH. Summer in Chicago is prime headlocking season!




Denari led a “30” themed beatdown on a rainy Saturday to celebrate his graduation from the “hate”. With 5 new faces to the F3 Chicago AO (2 DR, 3 FNGs), Denari had no choice but to lead a memorable smokefest.


Burpees – 30 IC

LBCs – 30 IC

Motivators – down from 10 (because 30 would be crazy, and take ~25 minutes)

LBCs – 30 IC

Thang 1 – Wrigley Square Relay

Relay race – two teams. One racer bear crawls the straight away and runs the rest of the lap while non-racing pax teammates hold plank variation (neutral, right hand up, left hand up, elbow, “X”).

Mosey – stop at ledge for Irkins

Mary – spicing things up with mid-workout Mary!

James Bond

Catalina Wine Mixer

J Lo

Indian Run Mosey – back to Wrigley Square

Thang 2 – Caterpillar

Pax hold neutral plank in a single file line, head to toe. Pax at the end of the line bear crawls to the front of the line, like an indian run. Repeat until all pax have crawled.

Thang 3 – “Q Says”

A Denari inspired original, based on the game, “Simon Says”.

Thang 4 – Merkin Ladder – inspired by Guy, DR from Birmingham last week.

Pax line up in neutral plank position, shoulder to shoulder. Single pax starts by facing a single pax in the line. Both pax perform one merkin, then slap hands (right, then left). Single pax then shifts to the next pax in line and repeats the merkin and hand slap. Repeat until all pax have been the single.

Thang 5 – Ledge Work

Dips – 30 IC

Alternating step-ups – 30 IC

Mary Part 2 – Denari asks DR pax for AO favorites

Sit-up with clap between each leg, in alternating fashion


NMS – Denari tried to have fun with this one,and not just because of the rain. “Q Says” was a fun, new way for a Q to prescribe penalty burpees. The Merkin Ladder, recommended by Guy from Birmingham, is fantastic! There were lots of planks, lots of bear crawls, but unfortunately no merlot spills. DR pax are always HIM, and Aaaayyyy and UpTownGirl are certainly no exception. We want to welcome FNGs – Flipflop, Mush, Ratchet – for earning their free lifetime membership to F3!