Archives: The Bean 6/20

Date: Wednesday June 10, 2020

Time: 12:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown

QIC: mimbo

Sweet Tooth


Preblast: Tomorrow YHC will be q-ing our way back to normal workouts. Come for the physical challenge, stay for the 6-ft apart, real-life human interaction!




6/20 BB

7 joined in the not-so-gloomy gloom for some Fitness and Fellowship. I tried to add in doses of competition and randomness to keep PAX motivated and getting after it. Some attempts worked better than others. I learned.


21s – 3 side straddle hops counted out loud, in cadence followed by 18 silent reps. We did not end as a group and did 10 penalty burpees.

Lap around East Lake Shore Park (Parque de Noonan)

Dave and Busters Foam Die Random Exercise (DBFDRE) – 25 big boy situps

Thang #1

A modified version of “300” of the Exicon on the F3nation website.

  • PAX sprint ~100 yards, drop for 10 merkins and walk back to the starting line.
  • 11 reps


Thang #2

Jacob’s Ladder with pistol squats at the top of the stair case, one-armed merkins (both modified as needed)

  • 1 squat at top, 5 merkins at bottom, 2 squats at top, 4 merkins at bottom, and so on.

DBFDRE- 1 minute plank

Thang #3

Unnamed experimental frisbee game

  • Split into 2 teams
  • pick an exercise and number of reps, first team to complete the reps wins
  • Team 1 throws frisbee and begins exercise, Team 2 runs to fetch frisbee while Team 1 performs AMRAP until Team 2 returns
  • Game 1 was 24 sumo squats per teammate, Game 2 was 30 Merkins, I do not recall what we did for Game 3, to be honest
  • Note 1: the number of reps should have been round numbers clearly communicated, the calculating between turns was a hindrance
  • Note 2: we added in the requirement to pass the frisbee between PAX on the way back and I think this was a good addition
  • We’ll see if this happens again…

2 minutes of Mary – 30s of penguins, 30s of flutter kicks, 30s of rusty bicycles, 30s of LBCs

Beatdown followed by announcements of different sorts. Notably, Ladybug to launch F3 Evanston this Friday. Less notably, I am re-re-committing to be more diligent about my Commz Q duties. At a minimum, I will post a pre-blast tweet for each workout that takes place in the F3 Chicago universe.

Naked Moleskine: these last few months have been tough times for YHC and for just about everyone. It’s rarely something I am willing to outright acknowledge. Having these months away from meeting for workouts and now restarting has made me realize just what a great outlet working hard with a group of guys and sharing thoughts over coffee truly is for me. It leads me to think part of this 3rd F Faith is a belief that a commitment to Fitness and Fellowship can indeed lead us to someplace better, both as individuals and as communities of all shapes and sizes.



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