Archives: The Bean 5/12

Date: Tuesday May 12, 2020

Time: 16:45

Location: The Bean – Downtown


Marco Polo




***Stealth Post***

Marco and Noonan got together for mid-afternoon stealth post in Parque de Noonan.

After a brief warmup of Knee Raises and Side Straddle Hops at the North end of PDN, we started a mosey south along Lake Shore Drive, getting a lap around the Grant Park block and then a lap around the Buckingham Fountain block.

At the North East corner of Buckingham Fountain we got in a bear crawl set (3x).

This was followed by a Jacob’s Ladder set (9’s) of merkins and jump squats at the stairs on the east end of the fountain.

Mary consisted of 45 second sets (15 sec. rest) of superman’s (3x) and swim-throughs (3x).

Final act was a mosey back to PDN. 



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