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Date: Saturday April 11, 2020

Time: 07:00

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park




YHC is crowdsourcing some favorite high intensity beat downs and has had a dozen ideas submitted, let’s hope this dozen isn’t too dirty for the Oak Park crew.


3 men arrived in the gloom ready for another push to start the day. YHC has to admit that these Saturday beat downs are fun to lead and a highlight of the week with the extra 15 minutes and with these men ready to accept new challenges. Being that this was YHC’s fifth Saturday Q in a row, YHC decided to crowd source some of F3 Columbia’s favorite high intensity exercises. Lots of terrible ideas were submitted and logged for future use. Former Nantan McLovin suggested the ”Battle Dozen” an homage to F3 Columbia’s weekly hardest workout designed to push even the fittest among the pax and thus an idea was born. As will be found below, the workout was simple enough to explain, but a hard push to complete within the hour time limit.

Huge thanks to Kodak for bringing a sandbag for Bronco and his own ruck sack, YHC pulled his own ruck sack and plate out of retirement for the occasion.

conditions: 45 and the sun rising, a calm beautiful Easter Saturday morning

the Thang:

Disclaimer was given. Grab RuckSacks/sandbags and head to the top level of OPRF parking garage

YHC placed cones at the start, 30 yards out, 60 yards out, and 90 yards out

The Battle Dozen…

From 12 down to 1 (ie first set do 12 of each exercise, set 2 do 11, etc)


Squat Thrusters + 30 pounds


Shoulder tap Merkins

American Hammers + 30 pounds (R/L equals 1)

Lunges + 30 pounds (R/L equals 1)

After sets 12-7 complete a shuttle run to 30, back, 60, back, 90 back

After sets 6-1 ruck with weight 100 yards and back


T Claps toKodak and Bronco for consistently showing up in the gloom. Their presence and push keeps YHC accelerating when it would be easy to slow down. The last two Saturdays we covered 2.5 miles and performed nearly 1000 reps, today we covered 2.77 miles and just over 500 reps but this time with weight a totally different challenge. Also it felt like the Columbia Battle pax were there with YHC as each pax pushed to finish the reps, which was done right at 60 minutes. Crazy thing is YHC had another half dozen exercises planned.



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