Archives: Super Rabbis, Shaking Booties and Silverback Toughness

Date: Saturday July 28, 2018

Time: 07:00






Discouraged but not defeated by his inability to break the pax for 10 straight months, Homer seized upon a new plot that surely would make the pax run for the hills: make them shake their booties. Little did Homer know, the pax who posted at The Bean on July 28 (Arts & Crafts, Big Boy, Denari, Lavendar, The Rabbi, Stroganoff, Sweet-tooth) brought their metrosexual A-game and moved their posteriors with precision and poise.

1.   60 Second Soapbox:

2.   Motivator – 10 sets of 4

3.   Abe Vigoda – 10

4.   Indian Run

5.   Inchworm (trash can to trash can)

6.   Lunge (trash can to trash can)

7.   Three-legged Race (Beware: this will make a return big time)

a.   5 burpees for the winners; 10 burpees for the losers

8.   Seal Clap – 15

9.   Skater Jump Burst – 20

10. Steady Scorpion – 20

11. Gyros – 15

12. Twist Jump Drop – 20 (Your booties are better because you did this)

13. Old Faithful

14. Mosey

15. Old Faithful Faceoff (Arts & Crafts wins the Bill Durden Award)

16. Hail Mary’s – 2 sets of 20

17. Reverse Leg-up – 20

18. Smurfjack – 20

19. 100s

20. Wheel of Fortune/Human Centipede – THANG FAIL

21. Flutter Kicks – 20

The 60 Second Soapbox was about a story of an incredible Rabbi who gave unconditional love and understanding to a rabid racist who needed it and, as a result, helped him break free from a life of misery and live to be the man he wanted to be. Wise pax look at this story and say “How can I do what the rabbi did in my life” not “Good story, but that’s just rare.”

T-claps to the silverbacks of the pax (Arts & Crafts and Sweet-tooth) who made it to the Old Faithful Face-off and proved that age means nothing when you have heart and abs made of titanium.

T-claps to Denari and Homer for earning the coveted 6-Pack this Sat. Deep down inside them, Lavendar and Perp want the 6-Pack like a T-Rex wants raw meat despite being enfeebled by his embarrassingly small arms, but one day they’ll figure out how to post at 5:30AM and be the HIMs they are meant to be (Note to other pax: this could be you too!).



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