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Date: Saturday September 08, 2018

Time: 07:00






Lesson learned: when you wire $100K to a former a Navy Seal sniper to pick off the PAX from a high rise across from Millennium Park after resolving that this is the only way to vanquish said PAX, show up on time and negotiate a C.O.D. clause else said former Navy Seal will bolt. Moral of the story: the PAX lives to post another day. Eleven PAX posted on Sept 8 (Denari, Lavendar, Sweet-tooth, The Rabbi, Noonan, MaryLou, FNG Little League, FNG Sasquatch and FNG Cowbell, Type B with Homer taking the Q) in the lukewarm gloom of late summer.

1.   60 Second Soapbox

2.   Motivator

3.   Forward Lunge

4.   Indian Run

5.   Pull-ups

6.   Alligator Merkin

7.   Break Dancer

8.   Mountain Climber

9.   Abe Vigoda (forward/backward)

10. Old Faithful I

11. Indian Run II (Bill Durden Award goes to FNG Little League)

12. Smurf Jack

13. Pile Driver Merkin

14. Rockette Hillbillies

15. Spiderman Merkin

16. American Hammer

17. Box cutters

18. Flutter Kicks

19. Dips x 2

20. Al Gores x 2

21. Doomsday Clock (Bill Durden Award goes to Denari)

Today’s 60 Second Soapbox was about stoicism, namely, accepting the world as it is and working to improve yourself. Homer’s bet: Any PAX who believes in F3 would embrace stoicism. You can start by watching this video and reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Two more weeks till F3 Chicago’s 1-year anniversary, Sept 22. All PAX should block out Sept 23 7pm at Las Tablas in Lincoln Park…look for multiple CSAUP polls. Welcome new PAX: Little League, Sasquatch and Cowbell!



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