Archives: Shepherd to Lost Sheep, You Got Your Ears On?* – The Bean (Fri) 4/17

Date: Friday April 17, 2020

Time: 06:30


QIC: [email protected]





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To the Lost Sheep:

@Denari, @Noonan, @RAT, @Mimbo, @Marco Polo, @El Chapo, @Peaches, @Ladybug, @Arts & Crafts, @Hot Lips, @Joker

Lord knows, you ain’t busier than a three-legged cat tryin’ to bury turds on a frozen pond at 630am. So get your rear-ends outta bed and join us for a OTB beatdown Q’ed by @Homer.

Unless Ole Roscoe is writin’ you up for not mindin’ your distance, don’t make @Homer madder than a weasel in a gum-bush and post!

Meeting ID: 675 875 9553

Password: 780946

* Only Gen-Xers will get this.



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