Archives: Run Club – Oak Park (Fri) 8/14

Date: Friday August 14, 2020

Time: 06:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park


Cowboy Mouth


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Do you feel the need? Come on out to Friday’s run club. We will run fast.


8/14 Wreck Center – Run Club : Cutter Q

After a slow gathering, a cadre of PAX showed up right on time to give us strong numbers for a reprise of a workout that Bouche once dubbed his least favorite F3 workout ever.

Conditions : Beautiful Morning

Pax : Alliance, Footloose, hOjOh, Cowboy Mouth, Lead Pipe, Bronco, Dunphy, Rossi, Cutter (QIC)


Merkin IC x10

SSH IC x50

Abe Vigodas fwd/bkwd IC x15

Thang 1

Fellowship run to Scoville + Augusta with 3 sets of bike rack pull-ups x10, flutter kicks, burpees.

Thang 2

Staggered start 1-mile sprint back to Wreck Center.

Thang 3

Windsprint set with mixture of 50-and 100-yard sprints and minimal recovery time. Prolly banged out 15 or do.


Tabata-style: 20 second on, 10 second rest. 4 sets of box cutters IC. 4 sets of flutter kicks. 4 sets of big boys.


We’re all here to push ourselves out of our comfort zones with our workouts. Same goes for life. Make sure you’re pushing yourself to take on challenges. For the good of those on your life and yourself.

Moleskin : Recognized there’s a big difference between telling PAX it’s the last set of pull-ups vs windsprints and then adding more. The latter damn near led to mutiny. Shout out to Lead Pipe who’s commitment to showing up and putting in the work inspires me greatly. And to Rossi who came back for a second dose of pain after his first post Wednesday. Welcome Rossi. It will get easier with every workout.