Archives: Q Source Discussion: 10/7

Date: Wednesday October 07, 2020

Time: 06:30

Location: Donut Shop – Oak Park




F3 is more than just a workout. The lessons we learn in the gloom are applicable to our lives as leaders in our homes, our businesses, our churches, our rec leagues, and our community. This will be the inaugural discussion for a series on the QSource: The F3 Manual for Virtuous Leadership. Bring a lawn chair and a coffee cup and join me in the dialogue!

The first topic in our dialogue is Disruption (F1) and the article can be found here:


5 pax met immediately following Donut Shop for the first in a series of conversations on the Q Source. Everyone contributed to a rich discussion on Today’s topic…Disruption.

Opening Questions:

  1. What do leaders do?
  2. How has F3 contributed to Disruption in your life?
  3. How can we expand the role of Disruption in our lives?
  4. Where have you seen examples of leadership from a place of love?
  5. What does our environment look like when someone tries to lead without love?
  6. How do we accelerate our leadership skills more regularly?


What a powerful moment for YHC this am! Entering the morning there were 2 HCs for the conversation, YHC and Kodak. It was exciting to see Bronco, Rossy, and Fogger hang around for the discussion too. Topic 1 of being a disrupter is so important in our lives today. Accepting the false security of the status quo has placed so many men in the danger zone for #sadclown syndrome and F3 can be the catalyst for change in our personal lives, our home lives, our communities, and beyond. The discussion this morning was RICH with examples from everyone of how they have grown since joining F3 and how they can grow beyond F3. Poignant moments were shared, challenges were issued, and growth occurred. YHC can not express in words how exciting it was to hear the testimonials of these men and how they were applying the concepts of week 1 already in their lives. YHC cannot wait to continue the journey of exploring the Q Source more with these men and with others as they join in.



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