Archives: Popper’s Last Laugh – The Bean (Tue) 12/10

Date: Saturday November 30, 2019

Time: 12:00



Sweet Tooth




freezing stone cold GIF by Black Luck

The ubiquitous cold, dark and quiet reminded the Pax who posted this morning (Noonan, DR Popper, Sweet-tooth and Homer on the Q) that winter is coming, Chicago style. Though the warm embrace of the Millennium Park parking garages beckoned, the Pax grinded it out in the the shadow of the Christmas tree and away from the meddlesome eye of the park guard.

  1. Side straddle hop
  2. Don Quixote
  3. Butt Kickers
  4. Lunge
  5. Bearway to Heaven (Merkins & Squats)
  6. Abe Vigoda
  7. Jack Webs
  8. Partner-Assisted Dips
  9. Old Faithful
  10. Partner-Assisted Military Press
  11. Reactive Bear
  12. Carolina Dry Dock
  13. Pumpjack
  14. Scorpion
  15. Slo-Mo LBC
  16. Heels to Heaven
  17. 11’s (Starbursts & Burpees)

Homer foolishly handed Mary over to DR Popper who proceeded to inflict 11’s on the Pax and then smoke everyone. Even so, the Chicago pax were hungry for more (after a 30 count) and vowed to return for more beatdowns.



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