Archives: OTB Thanksgiving Day Wreck Center – Oak Park 11/26

Date: Thursday November 26, 2020

Time: 07:00

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park


Dr. Luv
Electric Slide


Thanksgiving is the single highest calorie intake day of the year for the average American. So, in order to feel slightly less guilty for grabbing that second piece of pie or a third helping of stuffing, YHC invites you to join him for an extra beat down this week of the 60 minute variety.

Each pax will have the chance to “choose your own adventure.” Do you want to earn extra appetizers, an extra plate, or extra pie?


Thanksgiving Day is the single highest calorie intake day for most Americans. Between appetizers, side dishes, turkey, pie, and libation, the typical American consumes north of 3000 calories on this day alone. No aspersions are cast here about calorie intake, Thanksgiving is YHC’s favorite food holiday of the year; however, F3 can help combat the fattening by pushing our men a little harder this day. So the first ever F3 Oak Park Extra-vaganza workout was hosted. 21 men left the fartsack to post together today with 3 FNGs present as well.

Conditions: Mid-40s, overcast, low wind, a typical November day

The Thang:



20 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Mountain Climbers IC

Main Course…

4 exercises and a 120 yd sprint. In order Blockees, Turkish Get Ups, Power Cleans, Big Boy Sit Ups all with Cinder Blocks on repeat for 45 minutes

Pax had 4 choices they could earn…

Extra Appetizers…10 rounds with 5 reps of each exercise each round…200 reps

Extra Main Dish….10 rounds with 10 reps of each exercise each round…400 reps

Extra Pie…10 rounds with 15 reps of each exercise each round…600 reps

Extra Everything…15 rounds with 15 reps of each exercise each round…900 reps

Spoke with a lot of pax who went for 10 rounds with 10 reps each. YHC went for 15 reps but only got through 7 rounds (420 reps)


Circle up in Plank position while observing social distance for Circle of Thanks. Each pax states what they are thankful for while in plank position and everyone completes a merkin after repeating.


Three FNGs prompting a well earned Miyagi from F3 Columbia…Electric Slide (Electrician that likes to party), Splitter (a rail-splitter from New York), Dula (a doctor who assisted Fogger with a home birth)


Nov 27 7:00 am Run Club Convergence at the Wreck Center

Nov 28 7:00 am Fogger 1st solo Q at the Wreck Center

Dec 18 6:00 am F3 Ugly Sweater 5k prizes for Fastest (in an ugly sweater), Most Improved, and Ugliest Sweater of the brown water variety

Dec 18 6:30 pm Volunteer opportunity with Breakthrough Ministries (need at least 10 pax), FVI is the QIC

Moleskin: On a personal note, It was exactly 1 year ago Thanksgiving week that YHC, M, and 2.0 were packing up the car to move to Oak Park. This was a big, scary, audacious move with the family taking a leap of faith as we had no family, no friends in the area, and YHC unemployed moving here. Knowing there was a local F3 group made the move just a little easier to swallow and gave YHC comfort that like minded men were not too far away. F3 Oak Park provided exactly what this family needed to make the move right. Thankful does not begin to describe how YHC feels about F3 nationwide. It has been wonderful to watch Oak Park grow this past year from 7-8 dudes last year to over 30 men involved this year, and growing amidst a pandemic.



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